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Welcome to Bold - Video Hosting for Your Business

Aug 15, 2023
Welcome to Bold

I have built many custom video pipelines and frontends over the last decade and a half. Starting out with the good old Flash Communication Server to, nowadays, more modern solutions using HLS or Dash.

One customer platform that I am particularly proud of has been running for over 15 years with thousands of videos and hundreds of thousands of hours streamed to date (Thanks, Ranger! ❤️).

All of these systems had one thing in common - YouTube was not an option. The common reasons for this were:

  • The content was meant for an internal company audience
  • Custom presentation designs were required
  • Privacy and security concerns

After seeing these problems consistently going unsolved (or worse yet solved poorly), I took all of these learnings and put them into my most ambitious platform yet.

Introducing Bold

Imagine wanting a seamless sign-in for your videos using SSO and being told, "Sorry, we don't support that". Or uploading a video and then needing to add your own transcripts, instead of having it done for you automatically. Or trying to make your video portal look just the way you want and getting stuck with the same old design everyone else has.

That is what most video platforms are like. It's like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. With Bold, not only do we offer automated transcriptions in various languages, but we also ensure that the platform is flexible so that it can be tailored specifically to your business needs.

I remember distinctly when we had to rebuild the video infrastructure for Deutsche Telekom. Not only had the video player and the frontend look a certain way and offer a very particular set of features - it also had to be placed behind Telekom's firewall.

It is for this reason that Bold is a "headless" video platform. This means that the management, encoding and streaming capabilities for your video content are decoupled from the presentation layer.


This approach offers a lot of unique benefits. For starters, your videos can be wherever you chose for them to be. Want some videos only for your team? Put them behind a special sign-in. Want some videos out in the open for everyone? Put them on your website. You can even stream videos inside your native mobile app. The sky is the limit with Bold!

Plus, we have added some handy tools just for businesses. Think about it: meetings are more than just chats. They're full of ideas, plans, and important info. Letting all that just fade away after the meeting ends is like throwing money out the window. But with Bold, it's not just about keeping those videos; it's about making them easy to find and watch again.

By connecting with tools like Zoom and Google Drive, Bold makes sure none of your important meetings get lost. They turn into a collection you can always refer back to. Need to train a new employee? Or remind your team about something important? It's all there, easy to find and watch. No need to search through old emails or chat messages. With Bold, your past meetings become a treasure trove for the future.

So, that is what Bold is all about. If you've got videos and think YouTube is not the right place for them, give Bold a try. Need help getting started? Just reach out. I'm always here to help.